Elissa Jelowicki is a British and Canadian Citizen. Born and raised in Canada and Britain, having studied in London and Edinburgh, having worked in London and now, since 2014, in Munich, they do not come much more international. She is an English qualified solicitor who is also a Registered European Lawyer admitted to the Munich Bar Association. Being a Brit in Munich herself, Elissa knows the British expat community in Germany and is frequently asked by Brits and Americans living in Germany, whether she can recommend qualified experts and professionals in all kinds of fields, from tax advisors and accountants to English speaking physicians and architects. Well, she thought, why not create a network of British citizens living in Germany and proven German professionals fluent in English. That network is Brits in Bavaria. So, if you search for an English speaking professional in south Germany who may even be a fellow countryman, feel free to send us a brief email or give us a call. +49 941 463 7070