On our website we provide various templates and standard contracts in both German and English versions. English speaking entrepreneurs looking for information about German law and on how to do business in Germany may find these links helpful. The bilingual brochure “Continental Law” (free download here), published by the German Law Societies explains the basic principles of Continental Law (in particular the German and French legal systems) and argues that applying Continental Law in international contracting brings many advantages. The gateway Trial-Lawyers-Europe.com collects useful information on business and law in Europe, for example:

– „Doing Business in Germany„, including an „Investment Guide to Germany“ (download here)
– „How to found a German Company„, incl. overview of company forms under German law (download here)
German Labour Law: Employee protection against dismissal (download here)
Model Employment Agreement under German law (download here)
Information brochure „Facts about Germany“ (download here)
Taxation and Accounting in Germany – an Overview (download here)

Contact: In case you desire more information on German law please contact Bernhard H. Schmeilzl, Attorney-at-Law (Munich Bar) & Master of Laws (Leicester, UK), managing partner of the Munich based corporate law firm Graf & Partners.